Tear Drop Platform

Dexterity Platforms move your keyboard and mouse from the desk to your chair, so you can comfortably operate your computer as a natural extension of your arms.

Improve Comfort:The main feature of the Teardrop Platform is to improve the over all comfort of the mouse user. By placing the mouse at the end of the arm chair the user no longer has to compromise the placement of the mouse over comfort.
Relieves Pain, Stress, and Aches:By properly sitting in an upright position with good posture the Teardrop Platform can help you achieve this by having the mouse at your finger tips without reaching or hunching over to use your mouse.
Quick, Easy, Installation:With the design of the patented Attachment Body and use of the included simple straps the Teardrop Platform only takes a few minutes to install to your favorite chair. The only requirement is that your chair arm is within the adjustable range and there is clear space underneath the arm for the straps to wrap around. No modification is required to your chair. No gluing, screws, or fasteners are needed. Just adjust the width of the Attachment Body and strap it on. That’s it! Refer to our Chair Gallery to find a chair similar to yours where we have successfully attached the Teardrop Platform.
Elliptical Movements:The open-ended Teardrop Platform provides ample space for your elliptical mouse movements without the unused corners of the typical, rectangular mouse pad, especially when the mouse is set at optimal pointer speeds.
Negative Tilt:The negative tilt of the Teardrop Platform helps you maintain the natural alignment of your forearm and hand while using your mouse.
Raised Rim:The patented raised rim keeps the mouse on the mouse pad but still allows for a great degree of mouse movement.
Neoprene Lining:Soft, comfortable, neoprene mouse pad liner for your mouse surface.
Adjustable Arms:The adjustable arms allows for installation to almost any chair arm. It will adjust out to 5-3/4” down to almost 1”. This adjustability allows the Teardrop Platform to be installed on almost any chair.
Position Adjustments:The Teardrop Platform is designed with position adjustability to allow the user to swing the pad closer to or away from you. It adjusts to the length of your arms. And it can be swung out of the way for storage.

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