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Means: skill and ease in using the hands or body; mental adroitness; sharpness or quickness of mind. Dexterity is the key to performance in the expanding and accelerating virtual world in which we conduct business, communicate, compose, and play.

We believe that your physical connection to your computer is as important to your performance as your computer’s connection to the internet and any of its other functions and capabilities.

We often enter the virtual world in a way that makes us uncomfortable, causes distracting pain, and eventual injury. This is counterproductive. Reaching for keyboards and mice on desks and desk trays often forces us to slouch forward, crane our necks, strain our shoulders, and bend our wrists in unnatural alignments.


Our patented and patent pending products are designed to enhance your dexterity and performance by moving the keyboard and mouse off the desk to your chair, so you can sit comfortably with your back and arms supported and operate your computer as a natural extension of your arms.

With Dexterity Platforms, there’s no reason to let your mouse tie you to your desk. Dexterity Platforms give you the freedom to be comfortable, move and turn toward your friends, co-workers, clients and customers while using your computer.